The Kingdom of Assassins

When a raid on a terrorist cell leaves no survivors and few clues, New York City police have a problem: since the tip was anonymous, they have no idea why the terrorists were there. Detective Mike Maclaymore has the impossible task of finding out what the cell was planning. When a Saudi princess shows up to ID one of the bodies, he knows this goes deeper than anyone feared. He and the princess pair up to learn the truth, neither sure they can trust the other. The trail leads to a Saudi diplomat, beheaded in his apartment. And to a shadowy figure from Mike’s past as a Black Ops soldier in wartime Afghanistan—a warlord hunted by all sides, and caught by none. Now Mike races to uncover his identity, and stop an attack that will destroy New York City—and then the U.S. economy. Note: The storyline has a secret hidden code, no one has discovered it, can you? If you do tell no one. Email me at erikcorey907 (at) and let me know if you figured it out.
Conrad and Mackenzie Inc.